Genessi ActiveAir Firm NT – Mattress Only – Queen XL


Active Air Firm
The Active Air Firm has two advanced foam technology! The TempaGel is a climatic controlled memory foam which has been infused with hydrogel beads. Also our latest range of infused foams now incorporates aeration technology.

  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Service warranty: 25 years
  • Recommended weight: Max kgs per sleeping partner
  • Mattress Height – 320 mm


Genessi ActiveAir Firm NT

Superior Durability
The durability of your Genessi bed is determined by the unique combination of high density and speciality foams, resulting in a durable sleeping surface.

Great Support
The layering of different luxury foams in your Genessi bed ensures proper posture, maintaining your spine’s natural alignment. The foam will support each individual person’s weight.

Support should be independent. Foam doesn’t have a rigid, connected structure, and so reacts only to the immediate area of applied pressure or weight. The result is disturbance-free sleep.

Your Genessi bed foam layers have been treated with Vita- Premium Protection (Nano-Technology), and will protect you against mosquitoes, dust mites, bedbugs and bacteria. Over and above this, foam is non-allergenic, and has an open cell structure with breathable properties. Air and moisture freely flows through foam mattresses.

No Pressure
Physical comfort is nothing more than the absence of pressure points – something foam helps to achieve. Its characteristic ability to contour and conform to any irregular shape (in this case, the human body) is unsurpassed. Speciality foam enhances this characteristic even more.
There’s more to foam
Genessi speciality foam mattresses integrate technology with advanced foams to create a robust yet yielding and breathable structure. This structure perfectly adapts to individual body shapes, providing high levels of comfort and support.



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