Edblo Darcy Pillow Top – Base Only – Double


Edblo Darcy Pillow Top

UltraCare Fabric
Comfort Layers
ComfiCoil Edge Spring System

  • Guarantee: 1 years
  • Service warranty: 9 years
  • Recommended weight: 120 kgs per sleeping partner
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Edblo Darcy Pillow Top

Bamboo Fabric

Additional layer added to the Pamper Top to provide
you with a comfortable and plush finish.
Classic Pamper Top

ComfiCoil Bonnell Spring Unit

The best of both! Top layer of ComfiCoils increases
edge-to-edge support, stability and strength which
eliminates partner disturbance. Underlying core of
Bonnell Springs provides your body with durable,
resilient support.
778 Springs in a queen size.

Comfort Layers

Layers of long-lasting foam and fibres, chosen for
their strength and durability ensures a comfortable
sleep surface for a great night’s sleep.

Dual Edge Support

Placed around both the spring systems it reinforces
the mattress edge and increases your sleeping area
by preventing the edges from sagging.

Dual Insulator Pad

Superior insulator pad placed above, in between
and below the spring systems it eliminates spring
feel and comfort layers from shifting for lasting,
consistent comfort.



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